Why Choose to Work at COAH Hair?

Because we do things differently

Benefits of working for COAH

Collaborative and professional, we welcome hairdressers who share our unique philosophy. Our opportunities are excellent and our salon has a wonderful atmosphere.

At COAH Hair we’re looking for stylists who:

  • Are skilled and talented at what they do
  • Work hard to get to know clients to suss out what really suits them
  • Have a high level of skill (but are open to learning more)
  • Enjoy working alongside others
  • Are ready to join a family of like-minded and supportive hair-professionals

At COAH Hair we help you to take a leap of faith in your abilities in a supportive environment. We’re not searching for a particular personality. We’re looking for individuals with an enthusiastic approach to hairdressing who want the freedom to do the hair they love. Happy stylists and happy clients is what matters to us most.

Current Opportunities at COAH Hair

Art director

With over 5 years’ experience in different salons you are exceptionally creative and innovative. You’ve worked with a wide client base, honed your many skills and have all the techniques. Now you’re ready and eager to work for yourself in a supportive and innovative environment.


Senior Stylist

With over 2 full years’ salon experience you love what you do and have made heads turn with your results. You’re determined not to rest on your laurels and want to strive to improve as your career takes off.



Fully qualified with solid salon experience you are building up your client- base and eager to learn more. You’re also keen to make your home in a new and supportive salon with values that match your own.



You love everything about hair and are certain that a career in hairdressing is right for you. This is no fad: you’re ready to start at the bottom, work hard to listen, watch and learn and make your way in a fantastic, creative and highly-skilled industry.


More About Employment At COAH Hair

Full or Part time?

We are open to both full time and part time applications at all levels. That’s because we recognise that everyone’s lives are different. Please let us know your current choice when you apply.

Self-employed or Employed?

COAH is a collaborative workplace. Most stylists are self-employed. In some situations we also offer employed options (see more below) and often take on apprentices.

Work for COAH Hair as a FREELANCER

COAH is a collaborative workplace, and as a freelancer you can be your own boss. We love this unique structure! In fact, our main aim is to have a salon of quality and equality where you have the same freedom and opportunity to earn as those who own the business.

At COAH your individual creativity can thrive, whilst knowing you are part of a passionate team with shared values. You work under the COAH name and brand, and we help you build your business. This includes training and helping you to plan and it your personal goals.

  • Our freelancers are part of the COAH Hair brand and family
  • You are an individual with your own style
  • Set your own times and develop your own client base
  • Be promoted and advertised through COAH’s website and social media
  • Choose the option of using COAH’s full range of colour and styling products
  • We help, nurture and support one another
  • Collaborative but professional, we welcome freelancers who share our philosophy

Prepare for Freelancing at COAH Hair

You’ve proved you’re a great stylist… but not quite ready to be self-employed? Can’t decide what’s best for you: the advantage of a regular salary and holiday pay, or the chance to be your own boss and set your times, develop your own client base and keep what you earn?

At COAH Hair we understand (because we’ve been there!)

  • We know it can be daunting to set off on your own without a regular income
  • That’s why we’re open to considering employment as a first stage
  • If we believe you’re a great fit for COAH Hair then we will help you along the path to being your own boss

For the right person we may offer the chance start as employed and gradually build up your clients. We promise you’ll know when you’re ready to take the plunge and run your own business. (And you’ll never look back!)

Fully Employed at COAH Hair

COAH is collaborative salon with a team of mainly self-employed hairdressers. On occasion we do offer jobs to those who prefer to be fully employed. If you are excellent at what you do, we’d hate to miss out on having you work with us, so please get in touch.

Ready to apply? We can’t wait to meet you

Please complete our online application form. If you are successful at this stage we’ll invite you to the salon for an interview. If things go well (and we really hope they do!) we’ll be delighted to ask you back for the next stage. 

Look forward to meeting!

From the COAH Hair team

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