Davines Essential Haircare

COAH Hair is proud to choose Davines hair products, which match our own values for our clients and the planet.

Sustainable Beauty

The Bollati family founded Davines in Parma, Italy in 1983. Over 30 years later, their concept of a Sustainable Beauty Manifesto was created. Moving on, in 2018 the impressive Davines Village was opened. Today all Davines Group offices worldwide are carbon neutral – as is their product packaging.

The Davines idea of beauty is based on the appreciation of individuality, a celebration of diversity and a freedom of expression. They consider their products a tool to enable their customers to express their own uniqueness.

For Davines, substantiality deals with the responsibility that we owe not only to ourselves, but also the people with whom we work, and the world in which we live and operate.

Davines Essential Haircare

This beautiful range has introduced the concept of packaging that is kept to a minimum. In fact, Davines’ low environmental-impact packaging uses smaller quantities of materials and can be used again.

“I believe in the truth of the inexplicable, in the common sense of the stones, in the lunacy of flowers.”

J. Ballard
Davines Hair Care Products
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